At Refine Laser and Skin Care we offer electrolysis to treat those hairs that cannot be treated with the laser; white, blonde, gray, red, and/or fine hairs. An Electrolysis treatment consists of a sterile probe the size of a hair, inserted into the hair follicle down to the dermal papilla (the part that contains blood and nerves that feed the growing hair). The hair will die when the papilla and the regenerative cells surrounding it are destroyed. When the probe is in place, a low-level electrical current is applied that will destroy the papilla and loosen the hair in the follicle, allowing the hair to be removed.

Electrolysis involves a series of treatments over a period of time. The length of time depends on the amount of hair, its coarseness and the cause of the excess hair. Once the papilla has been eliminated, the hair is dead and will not re-grow.

Refine Laser and Skin Care uses the ClareBlend UltraBlend electrolysis machine. The ClareBlend allows three methods of electrolysis; galvanic, thermolysis and the blend.

  • Thermolysis (Flash) works by using a small alternating current that cauterizes the follicle. This type of electrolysis is most effective on thin, fine hairs.
  • Galvanic is a direct current that causes your own body to produce lye in the follicle, destroying it chemically. This is most effective on thick, course hairs.
  • The Blend is a combination of Galvanic and Thermolysis. The heat of Thermolysis paired with the chemical reaction of Galvanic is considered a very effective method for hair removal.

Electrolysis is charged by the minute starting at ten minute intervals. Below is the cost breakdown for electrolysis charges at Refine Laser and Skin Care.

  • 10 MINUTES – $20
  • 15 MINUTES – $30
  • 30 MINUTES – $40
  • 45 MINUTES – $52
  • 60 MINUTES – $65

Refine Laser and Skin Care is respected in the Twin Cities area in this field. Jan Chapman has been treating clients since 1996 and is a Certified Medical Electrologist.


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